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Thanks to its geostrategic location, Morocco is at the crossroads of the main international exchange routes, linking the United States of America, Europe, Africa and the Middle-East.

Casablanca is the biggest city and the port of Morocco that the %80 of the trade volume transfers over Casablanca. It is one of the safest and stable places of the North Africa.

The 2012 census, adjusted with recent numbers, recorded a population of about 4 million in the prefecture of Casablanca and about 5 million in the region of Grand Casablanca. Casablanca is considered the economic and business center of Morocco, while the national political capital is Rabat.

The leading Moroccan companies and international corporations doing business there have their headquarters and main industrial facilities in Casablanca. Recent industrial statistics show Casablanca retains its historical position as the main industrial zone of the country. The Port of Casablanca is one of the largest artificial ports in the world and the largest port of North Africa.

Casablanca, is the trade port of Morocco which has quality and affordable accommodation, nice Mediterranean climate, beaches and history. Casablanca fair will provide a lucrative and pleasant platform for both the visitors and the exhibitors. Casablanca is the center where trade and tourism meets with its historical, geographical, economical and logistics specialties.

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